Archery Society of Tasmania Archery Society of Tasmania

Archery Society of Tasmania

Archery Society of Tasmania (AST) - also known as Archery Tasmania - has been the controlling body of the ancient sport of Archery in Tasmania since 1955. AST is one of the eight state Recognised Governing Bodies ( Tas, NSW, ACT , Vic , SA , WA , South Qld, North Qld, ) that make up the National governing body, Archery Australia Inc

Our main objectives are to promote and develop the sport of archery within Tasmania in conjunction with Archery Australia by assisting our affiliated clubs, currently:

A member of one of our affiliated clubs is also a member of AST and of Archery Australia and is entitled to the benefits of our coaching, training and development programs, and to participate in State tournaments and other state and club activities organised for both the elite and recreational archer.

Members of all age groups can participate in the disciplines of Outdoor and Indoor Target Archery, Field and Clout Archery, using a range of bow types including Recurve, Compound and Longbow.

As AST is a member of Archery Australia, we are also affiliated to a number of organisations including: