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The first thing you need to know about competitions is that they are NOT compulsory! Many archers never shoot in any competitions. They simply enjoy the art of shooting.

BUT many of our members do enjoy competitive shooting and we offer a wide range of events including:

QRE (Qualifying and Ranking Event)
QREs are run for Open divisions, but at our club, we include Veteran, Youth and for those just beginning – Novice distances. This is a great way to have a go at competitive archery in a friendly club environment.

State Titles
Each year the Archery Society of Tasmania offers four State Title competitions in Target, Field, Clout & Indoor Archery.

National / International Events
There are a number of National Events that many of our members participate in such as the Nationals Championships and the Youth Nationals. Some have even achieved international success based on their National scores!

So don’t be afraid to have a go! It’s good fun.